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The problems DMTP solves

DMTP is the Decentralized Message Transfer Protocol. It enables wallet-address based messaging and provides a new era of communication for everyone. DMTP's unique Communication Rewards model allows users to be rewarded for their activity through an active point mechanism.
DMTP is focused on creating the best communication platform so that dApps developers can focus more on their dApps without having to pay too much attention to the communication infrastructure. Ideally, developers should be able to use DMTP to communicate with any user without having to consider scalability. DMTP solves the problems of interoperability, security, and the lack of wallet address-based communication methods.


The Web3 industry has been growing at a very rapid pace in recent years, and exponential growth in terms of users, services, and revenue is expected to continue rapidly. Despite this growth, Web3 services (Dapps, platforms, services, and smart contracts) lack a communication medium with users. Today, communication between providers and consumers often takes place through mediums such as email, social media like Twitter, and community platforms like Telegram. These methods do not achieve the goals of Web3. In the DeFi protocol, users cannot confirm collateral clearing, etc. without direct access, they have to go to Dapps or wallets to confirm completion of transactions, announcements of protocol updates, etc. cannot be shared with users, users receive notifications Users need to register their email addresses in order to receive notifications, centralized tools such as Twitter and Telegram and email addresses are used to communicate with other users, and Web3's strength of completion only at the wallet address is not achieved. These examples highlight key issues in Web3 communication, and the problem will only get worse, especially with the growth of protocols and Dapps.


DMTP allows Web3 services to communicate with users (wallet addresses); as an aspect of Dapps, this protocol can be used as a communication tool for sending and receiving notifications and messages. Users will be able to communicate only with their wallet address and receive announcements from Dapss and other services in real time, instead of the centralized communication tools they have been using.
The nature of the protocol also allows DMTP to be used as a means of communication in Web3 across all services.